About the Gurnett lab

Research in the Gurnett laboratory is focused on discovering the genetic basis of musculoskeletal and neurological disorders and understanding how human genetic variation contributes to disease.

Our disease specific research focuses on limb malformations and scoliosis, two conditions whose etiology is poorly understood and utilizes the large volume of patients with well-characterized musculoskeletal disease at St. Louis Children’s Hospital and Shriners Hospital in collaborative clinical and basic science studies. We are developing and implementing high-throughput functional assays to create quantitative data to support or refute variant pathogenicity that will improve our understanding of protein function and immediately impact the care of patients.

Gurnett lab group image
DNA chart comparison
1. Linear amplification with reversibly terminated dlTP. 2. Reverse termination and extend. 3. Degrade template and PCR amplify. 4. Pull down biotinylated product and amplify.
Child with musculoskeletal disorder - feet